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Lang Denture Base

Lang Self Cure Denture Base Acrylic and Liquid at Discounted Prices

Lang Cold Cure Denture Acrylic, Self Cure Denture Acrylic


Lang Self Cure Denture Powder and Liquid

Self curing acrylic resin formulated to cure in 15-20 minutes. Powder: Clear, CP21, Fibred Pink, Light Fibred Pink, Meharry, and Pink 

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Lang Premium Super-20 Denture Base Acrylic and Liquid for Less


Lang Premium Super 20 - 5lb Denture Base Acrylic


Premium Super-20 Denture Acrylic & Liquid

Fast heat cure acrylic resin formulated to cure in 20 minutes.


Read more: Lang Premium Super-20 Denture Base Acrylic and Liquid for Less

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