Why Choose Gold

Today, gold is increasingly common in dentistry, especially in dental crown. But what is in gold that is not found in any other material? Just what does gold offers?

Gold is . . .

  • Safe and comfortable to use. Gold is remarkably good to look at and compatible inside the mouth. The likelihood of allergic reaction to gold is slim, unlike other materials.
  • Long-lasting. With its purity, gold doesn’t stain easily. Likewise, gold requires fewer repairs with replacement or repair need averaging on 20 years. Depending on your oral hygiene, it can last longer.
  • Sturdy. With the toughness and pliability of gold, it can expand and contract at the same rate as your natural tooth. This keeps the gold crown from breaking easily.
  • Gold crowns are thin, so there is no need to remove large quantity of your tooth’s structure to fit the crown.
  • Of all the precious metals, Gold is the most popular as an investment. 


On average, a gold dental crown contains only about 75% gold. The other 25% consists of other materials such as silver, copper, and platinum. Our gold dental crowns contain 91.7% gold with other trace metals for hardness.

Advantages of Gold Crown

When fit perfectly, a gold crown can last for a long time; it doesn’t just crack and break easily. This keeps bacteria from getting inside the teeth preventing premature tooth decay. Similarly, gold is smooth and pure. This keeps food and bacteria from sticking to it, thus, preventing inflammation in the gums. With less inflammation, good oral health is easily achieved.