Preformed Natural Gold Crowns

A beautiful smile is timeless. History tells us that even in the old age, teeth and smile are of great importance. In fact, even ancient civilizations had their own way of caring and improving their teeth. Common since then were the use of gold in crowns or teeth decorations. Gold has long been used as a status symbol, usually reserved for the upper class.

When your patient decides to purchase a gold anterior tooth, Starlight offers a valuable time and cost saving solution. With marginal integrity and good patient hygiene our preformed gold natural teeth are the answer. You will be able to save chair side time and give your patient that instant gratification with only minimal reduction of the natural tooth. We maintain a stock of all sizes for same day shipment or avoid valuable time and create your own stock for immediate use. We have a knowledgeable staff that can assist you with the most popular sizes. These crowns are produced using specially formulated 22kt yellow gold and are also available s special order white gold (resembling platinum) or coin gold (resembling a new copper penny).

Starlight’s preformed natural teeth provide many advantages:


  • New ridge lap design to maximize chair side time
  • Available in both right and left sides
  • All teeth are 13mm long
  • Your choice of yellow, white, or coin gold
  • Clear plastic vials with identification for operatory storage
  • Smaller sizes may be used for upper or lower teeth

Preformed Gold Natural Teeth